Meeting No.23 – This Is The Modern World

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After a few false starts, we managed to finally get the gang together for an evening of Modern themed music….modern marriage, modern schooling, modern methods of recording, modern languages, modern communication…..etc. were all covered. Funniest moment was the look on John M’s face when John F played an avant garde jazz tune……

This is the modern world – The Jam.  (John “predictable” Murray)
VCMG – wind up robot (Roger rocket Parker)
James Ferraro – Global Lunch (jrf)
Me and my beretta – Angel Corpus Christi  ( Bob – Modern school life)
The Now Generation – Public Service Broadcasting (Simon)
Googoosh – Talagh (Jez)
Radio 4 – PIL (John M of course….Very modern for 1978)
Feel the love – Rudimental feat John Newman (Roger THX1138)
Banque Allemande – schwarz vor Schwarzer Wand (jrf)
La Luna – plank!  (Bob – Modern languages)
Destiny – John Talabot (Simon)
Bored Housewife – Laugh laugh clap your hands (Jez)
Road runner – the Sex Pistols (John M – not the modern lovers…)
Exile Vilify – The National (00011011101)
Ornette Coleman – lonely woman (jrf)
The Neighbors – Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers (Bob)
You don’t know how lucky you are – Keaton Henson (Simon)
Adam Green – Choke on a Cock (Jez)
The modem song – looper (John fretless bass)
P45 Gorrilaz – Galen (Roger)
Glenn Gould – prelude and fugue no 1 by Bach (jrf)
Computer World – Kraftwerk (Bob)
Ms – Alt-J (Simon)
Frank Turner – The Real Damage (Jez)
Song to the Siren – James Yorkston  (John M)
Collider Jon Hopkins – frsggattfddfmnbga (Roger)
Robert wyatt – a beautiful peace (jrf)
Hands across the sea – Modern English (Bob)
Dead and Gone – Toy (Simon)
Modestep -Feeling Good (Jez)





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1 Response to Meeting No.23 – This Is The Modern World

  1. Bob The Slightly better Chiropodist says:

    How the hell did I get here?
    Great work Bob.
    Long time no see, NCOC 1984.

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