Mik Artistik’s Ego Trip – 7, Chapel Allerton, Leeds


An unusual occurrence in the Longworth house-hold meant that I was on my own for the night (Lee was away working in China, Marisa at a birthday party  sleep over, Matty at a scout camp and Sally staying with friends in a caravan) – What’s a man to do? Check out the local gigs of course and tonight it was a choice between seeing the Mekons again at a surrealist festival in Bradford or seeing the surreally funny Mik Artistik down the road at the 7 bar. Having seen the Mekons the night before, and 7 being just down the road (ie no driving involved) it was a no brainer.

Mik had the full house was in jovial mood from the minute he stepped on – a natural talent who never disappoints.  His band are brilliant musicians which can get lost in the laughs but they can play ANY style of music with aplomb. A great set of new (his poor confused dog who keeps taking his newspaper to his ex-wifes house) and old faves like Turning into dad, sweet leaf of the north and this little beauty as well. ‘Jimmy Saville has my album’ however, has wisely been dropped…


A regular of the last 6 Glastonbury‘s, he’s booked to be there again this year – well worth a visit to the theatre field.

Bob the Chiropodist


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