Dutch Uncles, Francis Lung + Fun Adults @ Brudenell Social Club – 07/02/2013


Our Thursday night lodger ‘Boy-Lee’ is leaving his job in Leeds and so will no longer be requiring our bed-settee. We’ll all miss having him around – especially me as it often gave us an excuse to go spontaneous gigging……like tonight……


First up were ‘Fun Adults‘ who seem like a nice bunch. They were obviously into what they were doing with sensetive songs that kept the crowd in hushed tones.


Francis Lung bravely starts his set with a great vocal only track about giving his guitar licks away….love it when an artist does that. He then did a set of guitar lead tunes with a backing tape….hate it when an artist does that – it always feels like cheating somehow (although I appreciate it’s cheaper that way). He mentioned he’d seen Jojo at the Brudenell and I wonder if he meant this time or this. He’s from the band ‘Wu Lyf‘ who I’d also never heard of but will be looking out for.


Dutch Uncles get so many mentions on Marc Riley’s 6music show that I felt I knew them already but couldn’t tell you any of their tunes. The music they play is angular, repetitive and melodic with echoes of ACR, which can only be good. My favourites had some great Xylophone playing on “New Lp and we have a new toy”. Vocals seemed a bit ‘thin’ live but the ‘dancing’ kind of made up for them…….

An enjoyable evening although I’m not sure the curry from ‘Tariq’s’ that we sat down to eat at midnight was such a good idea…..

Bob the Chiropodist

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