Meeting No.22 – 1981 to 1984

The latest meeting of the Quite Interesting Music Society took place on a wet and windy November evening at John M’s who chose the theme ‘1981-84’. This caused much hilarity in the ranks as his musical selections on these soirees are often accused of being rooted in the 80’s. Typical then that he played the only tunes not actually from that era…….Roger played a selection that showed how he moved from soft rocker into an indie rocker…… I chose mine from gigs I’d been to during those years – I found it much easier to narrow things down that way (I saw New Order more than any other band during those years so put a photo of them I took at the Hacienda on my playlist). Excellent home made chutney accompanied the cheese and the roaring fire made us for a cosy evening…….

My Favourite Dress – The Wedding Present (John M)

Eighties – Killing Joke (Jez)

Charlotte Sometimes – The Cure (Simon)

You’re the one for me – D Train (John F)

Spellbound – Siouxsie & the Banshees (Bob)

Only You Can Rock Me – UFO (Roger)

Love my way – William Orbit (John M)

Run Me Down – The Higsons (Jez)

Kick in the eye – Bauhaus (Simon)

Mea Culpa – David Byrne & Brian Eno (John F)

Your Silent Face – New Order (Bob)

Silent Witness – UB40 (Roger)

Kebabtraume – DAF (John M)

Joe 90 – Guana Bats (Jez)

Army Song – Abrasive Wheels (Jez)

Feel Me – Blancmange (Roger)

North Of Sunset – Tommy Flannagan (John F)

We’re Having All The Fun – Fun Boy 3 (Bob)

Mesopotania – B52’s (Roger)

Whitechapel – S.C.U.M. (John M)

Liberator – Spear Of Destiny (Jez)

Planned Obsolescence – 10,000 Maniacs (Simon)

Elves – The Fall (John F)

The Man They Love To Hate – The Stranglers (Bob)

Message Oblique Speech – The Associates (John M)

Spirit Walker – The Cult (Roger)

Dead Pop Stars – Altered Images (Simon)

Wehe Hhorozin – Pupulvuh (John F)

Follow the Leaders – Killing Joke (Bob)

7 Chinese Brothers – REM (Roger)

The Message – Grandmaster Flash (Jez)

We could send letters – Aztec Camera (John M)

Second Skin – The Chameleons (Simon)

An Ending (ascent) – Brian Eno (John F)

What’s the world – James (Bob)

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