Guitar Masters: Preston Reed, Andy McKee + Jon Gomm @ City Varieties, Leeds – 4/10/12

I had a ticket for this but the misses took Marisa in my place for a treat (3 rows from the front, just right of the mike stand). As I’d seen Jon Gomm recently I didn’t feel too bad about it. Matty and My guitar teacher Steve Young also went (seen in the middle of this pic) and wrote it up for quims…

I  was really looking forward to seeing three acoustic gods with fingers made of steel, I wasn’t disappointed at the City Varieties last Thursday night. I already knew what to expect after seeing Andy McKee and Jon Gomm on Youtube. I had already seen Preston Reed 12 years ago at a guitar show. Mind blowing stuff!! These Three players are an elite few, pushing the bounderies of what can be achieved on a guitar. Showing real spirit, soul and showing off their abilities in song writing and guitar skills to an extreme level with perfection. They all use  their guitars as percussion instruments, slapping,  popping and finger tapping intelligently throughout very complicated and intricate pieces of melodic and soulful  music . I felt very inspired watching these guys and as soon as I got home tried slapping my guitar a bit

As Both McKee and Gomm mentioned through their performances, Reed was a real influence and was the first to show the world this different type of guitar playing, you could see just how much it ment to them at the end of the show, when they all played together playing each other’s  songs.
At the end of the gig they made themselves available for questions and signings. They we’re refreshingly down to earth and very nice guys to talk too.

You can catch all three on youtube……….and if you’re lucky enough like me…try and catch them live!! Highly recommended!!!


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