Meeting No.19 – Change

Jez convened a meeting in Ilkley with the theme ‘Change’. The hottest chili cheese known to man was on offer as well as some funky homemade mini pizza type things. Some of the ‘changes’ were a bit tenuous but if the tune was good, who cares. Si was so impressed with one of Rogers choices, that they booked tickets to see them before the track had finished! Jez introduced me to the delights of ‘Draw Some’ for the iPod touch – It’s what technology is for….


QUIMS – Change (Ilkley, 26 April 2012)

1. I’m Gonna Change the World – The Animals (Jez)

2. Range Life – Pavement (John F)

3. In the Kitchen at Parties – Jona Lewie (Bob)

4. Changing the Rain – The Horrors (John M)

5. I Don’t Wanna Grow Up – Tom Waits (Roger)

6. Glad to be Gay – Tom Robinson Band (Simon)

7. Speeding Motorcycle – Daniel Johnston (Jez)

8. New Beginning (Tidal Darkness) – Deaf Center (John F)

9. Tuesday Morning – The Pogues (Bob)

10.  Change – Glasvegas (John M)

11.  The Devil’s Den – Skrillex (Roger)

12.  Death of an Idealist – iLiKETRAiNS(Simon)

13.  Before My Bedtime – Adam Green (Jez)

14.  Tamagotchi Landfill – Alberteen (John F)

15.  You Are! – Stephen Duffin (Bob)

16.  Alone Again Or – Love (John M)

17.  Smells Like Teen Spirit – Robert Glasprer Experiment (Roger)

18.  PS You Rock My World – Eels (Simon)

19 Home Again – Michael Kiwanuka.   (Jez)

20.  Fear of the Unknown & The Blazing Sun – Colin Stetson (John F)

21.  Doubtful Sound – North South Divide (Bob)

22.  A Change is Gonna Come – Maverick Sabre (John M)

23.  Idiot Wind – Bob Dylan (Roger)

24.  Moving to LA – Art Brute (Simon)

25.  Subutteo – Admiral Fallow (Jez)

26.  It’s a Hit – Rilo Kiley (John F)

27.  No Different for Girls – Darren Hayman (Bob)

28.  Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night – John Cale (Roger)

29.  Older – They Might Be Giants (Simon)

30.  Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again – Cornershop (Jez)

31.  (I Always Kill) The Things I Love – The Real Tuesday Weld (John F)

32.  Who’s Running The Show – Chumbawamba (Bob)

33.  Ring The Changes – The Paradox (John M)

34.  Fade Away – Noel Gallagher (Roger)

35.  Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde – Seasick Steve (Simon)

36.  Revolution – The Beatles (Jez)

37.  We Fell – S Carey (John F)

38.  I Don’t Want To Grow Up – The Ramones (Bob)

39.  That’s How People Grow Up – Morrissey (John M)

40.  Millimillenary – Cocteau Twins (Roger)

41.  Systematic Death – Jeffrey Lewis (Simon)

42.  Krongu Green Slime – Jeffrey Lewis (Jez)


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