FAC 51 at 30

Woke up to hear Peter Hook on Radio 4’s Today this morning (!) talking about the Hacienda’s  30th Anniversary…….blimey! Doesn’t time fly. I was member 151 and fondly remember it as the empty Indie disco it was before the Chicago disco took over.

I wrote a ‘personal history’ article about Joy Division/New Order here after seeing New Order do a set of JD songs….26 years after first seeing JD…..

A 17 year old Mitsu, dressed in white, features at the front of this Smiths clip…..

Our Smiths obsessed friend Bethany saw it and exclaimed “How did she get to the front?!”……….well, there were only a few dozen people there that’s why…..ah yes, the good old days…..


Bob the Chiropodist



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