The Wave Pictures + This Many Boyfriends – Brudenell Social Club 21/3/12

The first night of the Wave Pictures extensive tour started inauspiciously with the exhaust falling off their van on the way to Leeds (ably fixed with sticky tape and string by Franic bass and Jonny drums). David Tattersall’s such a prolific song writer that it could well be the subject of a future song before the week’s out……….Support came from ‘This Many Boyfriends‘ who were a breath of fresh air. Mo Tucker/JAMC style drums, powered indie pop songs with great titles like “I don’t like you cos you don’t like the Pastels”. The bass player’s a Man City fan too so they’ll do for me.

A night with the Wave Pictures is always a joy with entertaining, mostly self depricating chat between songs… seemed to take David by suprise therefore when Jonny praised his song writing “He’s blushing!”. I remember years ago writting to Strangled magazine as my mate Johno thought JJ Burnel sang ‘Dead Ringer’ and I thought it was Hugh Cornwell. Turns out it was Dave Greenfield. The point being that when a band lives close together, I’m sure they start to sound like each other. Jonny certainly sounded like David on the tunes he sang tonight, same internation and everything – wonder if it was sub conscious or not?

There’s an obvious love of words that seeps out of their tunes often sounding like a stream of consciousness about English reserve. Whilst all 3 are virtuoso’s making it look rediculously easy, it’s Davids amazing guitar playing that binds the whole thing together – stunningly good! Nice to see they’re keeping it in the family with Jonnys brother, who’s driving the poorly van for them, playing Sax for the encore “Love you like a madman“. Had a chat with Franic (last seen here) afterwards and I was the first person he’d met who was a member of the 7″ club they’ve released a single thhrough – check it out!

Bob the Chiropodist

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