Musicport, Bridlington Spa – 4+5/11/11

Musicport is a 3 day indoor festival held at Bridlington Spa and I was lucky to attend a couple of days thanks to Boy-Lee who lives just up the road.There was a massive amount of talent on show from Brid bluegrass locals ‘Whisky Dogs’ to the anti apartied giant Hugh Masekela. From Goldies band of marvelous misfits to Kentucky saw players.

There were 3 standout acts for me, the first of which was Andy Kershaw, interviewed by Ian Clayton (who I happily sang ‘Blueberry Hill’ with later, as his son tinkled the ivorys). Andy didn’t really need an interviewer as his book title ‘No off switch‘ suggests, the hour he did was nowhere near enough. There were some fabulous anecdotes including the Radio 1 DJ’s Xmas dinner (recorded in September) where Jimmy Saville wheeled in the turkey dressed as Santa (“why would you need acid!”). He ended up nearly throttling Simon Bates (as enacted in the photo below) after some he’d slagged off the striking minors, but was (un)fortunately stopped by Peel and Walters. Looking forward to reading Ians book too which he signed “Does it upset you when people mistake you for Ian McMillan” “YES! No not really we’re good friends” .

Chris Wood was someone I was unfamiliar with and it was a happy accident I happened to catch his set. Brilliant guitar playing and songs that showcased an English storytelling style that had me hooked with ‘One in a million’ – wondering what the hell was going to happen……and at the end of which I shed a quiet tear – I won’t tell you if it’s a happy ending or not……..but I must be getting soft in my old age….

I first saw Mary Coughlan in May 1987 and just loved her early LP’s. I haven’t heard much of her stuff since she battled alcoholic demons. “This is a song I used to listen to again and again 17 years ago when I was getting over my alcoholism” before doing a sublime version of ‘Love will tear us apart‘. Her pianist and double bass player were amazing musicians. Her voice is as sexy and seductive as ever – Can’t wait to get hold of her new stuff.

A great little festival – highly recommended!

Bob the Chiropodist

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