The Fall – Stylus @ Leeds Uni – 2nd November 2011

A strange old night with everybodies favourite Prestwich band. I was discussing with Tony before the gig that even though they have a dodgy reputation, I’d never seen a bad gig by The Fall…….this one was somewhat shambolic – but no less entertaining for that. They opened up with a version of Warren Zevon’s “Werewolves of London” and it was obvious from the start that MES was rather worse for wear…..just managing to stay upright before retiring to ‘sing’ off stage. What a backing band though – more energized than ever. Bumped into Mark who’s off to see them in Edinburgh tomorrow night “I’ll write you a ‘compare & contrast’ piece” – I can’t wait!

Digger saw them play on 5th Nov to a packed house in York and says they were fantastic – Mr Pharmacist to end no less…..

Thanks to Mr Keenan & Tony for the freebie.

Bob the Chiropodist

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