Los Camaradas – Chapel Allerton Festival 4/9/11

Los Camaradas - made to make you dance

Sunday at the Chapel Allerton Festival is usually a jazz/world tinged affair and this year was no different. We got down the front for ‘Los Camaradas’ the band that rose out of the ashes of ‘The Cuban Big Band’ and features most of the same performers.


Our favourite Chilean Ana Luisa was on singing duty again and did a mighty fine job, as did the rest of the band. Their salsa rhythms were fabulous when applied to old or new tunes (eg Can’t get you out of my head). Salsa dancing is way beyond my capabilities but it’s hard to stand still when faced with such a sound.

As difficult as it must be to get this many people together to practice, I hope they can keep the energy going and look forward to seeing them again soon.

Ana Luisa’s other band BTW was Los Altibajos


Update – you can listen to a full set by the band here

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