Chad VanGaalen + Cowtown – The Brudenell, 17/8/11

chad vangaalen leeds brudenell 2011

A fun filled night at the Brudenell kicked off with Leeds 3-piece Cowtown Poppy songs bursting with energy one to watch.


cowtown leeds 2011


Chad VanGaalen started slowly with a couple of ukulele tracks but the band soon got into their stride with a brace of powerful tunes and the odd blood curdling scream (a job for Hammer Horror films surly awaits).


chad vangaalen leeds brudenell 2011


Chad is either very tall or makes it a rule to employ tiny band mates, anyhow the band were clearly enjoying themselves and their confidence shone through with intricate guitar play that wound around each other creating beautiful melodies with a hard edge. The bass player seemed to be playing a guitar but had a great bass sound!


chad vangaalen leeds brudenell 2011


It was the Brudenells main man Nathans birthday so we all joined in on a verse of ‘Happy Birthday to You’ –  “Thanks for having the best club in the world!” Thanks indeed!!


Bob the Chiropodist

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