Deershed Featival 2 – Topcliffe 23/7/11

deershed 2011

The gentlemen of QUIMS converged on the Deershed 2 festival with families in tow to enjoy the sun and the fun…

Top Ten Deershed Moments countdown, by Jez (far left)

Festivals are not all about the music are they?

10. Bagging space for a 12 tent pitch for the Ilkley Mafia & Quims Massive.
9. Camping Equipment jealousy – proper camp beds (Peacocks), oversized sleeping bag-cum-survival bivvy (Bob), Camper Van (Parkers), duvets (Murrays), I could go on …
8. Harris III Master Illusionist
7. Mexican wrestling masks
6. The Hula Hoop girl in Friday’s cabaret
5. Real Ale at realistic prices
4. Busking – our group’s teenage daughters putting I am Kloot to shame and making plenty of dosh in the process
3. Spotting ‘RIP Amy’ on the graffiti cars on Sunday morning following Ms Winehouse’s untimely demise the previous day
2. Sunshine, friends and Bob’s hipflask during Caitlin Rose
1. The Neat treating us to a blistering set resembling Mark E Smith guesting on vocal for the Happy Mondays. A sunny pint of cider from the bar in the tent with the stage in it completed the festy highlight.


The Festivals bands in pictures by Bob (middle)

The 2nd Deershed managed to sell out all 5,000 tickets this year, more than double last years inaugural festival, though you wouldnt know it! It still had a laid back family friendly air about it and the beer didnt run out (hooray!). We arrived on the Saturday with Sledge and Agustine though most of the QUIMS mob had arrived the night before..and looked like they hadnt slept much..thats camping!

laki mera deershed 2011

After setting up the tent, the first band we got to see was Laki Mera who make a beautiful sound. Simons got their CD and I look forward to hearing more.

The neat deershed 2011

The Neat did a great set to just a few of us initially but the volume soon had others piling in and those of us with kids in heading out.

Go! Team deershed 2011

I love I Am Kloots last LP but knew they wouldnt exactly Rock the house so decided to go wild to The Go! Team who were just as lively as theyd been at Glastonbury. I was perhaps a tad over exuberant when even lead singer Ninja noticed him in the orage T-ShirtI don’t think you can go wrong with 2 drummers – Adam and the ants, Wedding Present, Beachbuggy, Glitter Band…

Go! Team deershed 2011

It was Debbie who hit the nail on the head Shes like a CBBees presenter, all bubbly and energetic and their songs are like kids TV theme songs guilty as charged!

Go! Team deershed 2011

I was trying to get people around me dancing and only one guy took up my plea Brendin! He was wearing a Songlines T-Shirt and turns out we both knew Songlines head honcho Paul..small world.

Caitlin rose deershed 2011

Caitlin Rose and her boys were on fine form we ended up sitting just outside while the boys played Star Wars..

deershed 2011

deershed 2011

I thought that headliners I Am Kloot were fab Marisa and I got near the front and became best friends with this couple for a while, singing along whilst sharing some Jack Daniels (not Marisa obviously).

I am kloot deershed 2011

I am kloot deershed 2011

Back at camp everyone else seemed to be disappointed with them not really what you want to end a festival withtype comments.well I thought they were ace! We looked at the stars (mainly in Sledges iPhone to be honest) and talked nonsense til the early hours, by which time it was freezing – so my new toasty sleeping bag came in very handy..

deershed 2011

Bob the Chiropodist

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