ASH + Mabel Love – Duchess, York – 25/7/11

Simon’s been mad on ASH for many years so I joined him on a trip to York to catch them and I can definitely see the attraction – the energy in the room was amazing with top tune after top tune and moshing the likes of, I’ve not seen for a while. When I think of Ash I remember Peel playing theirt debut ‘1977’ LP when they were still at school…..of when I saw them headline Glastonbury twice in ’97 when they were a last minute replacement on the Pyramid after headlining the Other Stage the night before……..and feel ashamed that I’ve not kept up with them… can bet that I will from now on!

Si wrote this one up….

ash york july 2011

Bob and I were saying a couple of weeks ago that we should go to a gig
together soon, and a day or so later I got an email announcing that Ash were
playing at the above mentioned the following Monday… And of course… We
were on it!

Due to it being my first time at the Dutchess, I must admit I had
butterflies in anticipation as we descended the gloomy steps after being
welcomed by the friendly staff. And as my eyes adjusted to the low level
light, I thought : This is my kind of place… I like it! We found a pint, a
seat on a comfy sofa and waited for the show to start.

The support was a Sheffield based band called Mabel Love. We were both
pleasantly surprised and impressed by their sound. Bob said it reminded him
of Echo and the Bunnymen. (With myself only knowing Killing Moon by EATB, I couldn’t possibly comment. But I liked it).

ash york july 2011

While writing this I’m trying to remember when I first discovered Ash, and I
have to admit that its a little hazy. It may have something to do with the
fact that I was living in east London, in a house share with some other
Africans at the time. And being in my early 20’s, in the mid 90’s, working
in Londons kitchens as a porter, it sometimes got a bit messy. I do,
however, remember a Poster of the Angel Interceptor single in our lounge
when it was released, and that was probably where it started.

I’ve only ever seen Ash play to big crowds at V and Glastonbury before, and
I have to say… here… they comprehensively blew me away! Absolutely
brilliant. Well practised and precise. Exactly what you’d expect from a unit
that has been around for 20 years or so. A great mix of old and
new, that even the uninitiated could enjoy. Genius. YES… YES… YES!

ash york july 2011

Playing songs from almost all of their albums, here are the ones that I can
remember : Trailer (Petrol, Jack Names the Planets), 1977 (Goldfinger, Girl
from Mars
, Kung Fu, Oh Yeah) , Free All Angels (Burn Baby Burn, Shining
Light, Walking Barefoot), Meltdown (Orpheus), A-Z Series (Return of White
Rabbit, Arcadia, The Dead Disciples, Sky Burial), I’m sure a track listing
can be found somewhere.

They clearly enjoyed it, as well as everybody else there. I hope (know) Mr
Wheeler and his mates (will) produce plenty more. Here sits one happy man.

Thank you Ash… and my cousin Bob.

ash york july 2011

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