The Dickies, Cyanide Pills, Geoffrey Oi!cott – BSC 18/7/11

dickies leeds 2011

What a way to start the week…..a glorious Monday night at the Brudenell saw punks old and new gather together to see the marvel that is ‘The Dickies’.


First up were local cricket obsessed ‘Oi!’ band ‘Geoffrey Oi!cott’. Sledge recognised the lead singer as a pal he used to go gigging with. I’ve always given this style of music a wide berth (doc martin boots and tartan braces hanging down your arse always scares me) but these guys were funny and furious with air guitar played on a cricket bat. “This one’s about men who would rather go out with their women than go drinking with their mates, it’s called ‘LBW – Lager Before Women'”. They also played their Clash-esqe theme song for darts player Gary Thompson – I want one!!!!

cyanide pills leeds

Talking of the Clash, the spirit of their first LP was alive and kicking with ‘Cyanide Pills’ who lept about the stage and had us all feeling like it was 1977 again – I’m in love with a suicide bomber had it’s tongue firmly in the cheek!

dickies leeds 2011The Dickies were fab! Sledge had read that 4 of them had died but lead singer Leonard Philips and Guitarist Stan Lee were still up for it, back by young blades who could play it as fast as anyone – A new song every 1.5mins! (thanks for the vid Jez!). Leonards vocal stylings haven’t changed and the crowd loved him. He had props (gorilla mask, talking penis, blow up dol….etc.) and had the energy of someone half his age.

dickies leeds 2011

The encore was a version of Neil Youngs ‘Keep on Rockin in the Free World‘ which went into ‘Banana Splits’ and they were off – What a blast! Go see them if you can

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