Loudon Wainwright III + Lucy Wainwright-Roche – Grand Opera House, York – 25/5/11

loudon Wainwright York opera

Loudon Wainwright III has been part of my musical history since I first heard John Peel play April Fools Day Morn in 1983. There was something confessional about the lyrics that drew me to it. You got the sense that all the stuff in the song actually happened…..welcome to Loudons world.

He often brings one of his siblings along with him as support and tonight we were introduced to Lucy Wainwright-Roche who has a fabulously clean voice and sings confessional songs too. Her banter with the crowd was great as she introduced A+E about a date that went slightly wrong..


loudon Wainwright York opera

Loudon was in great form, if somewhat obsessed by aging. His opening gambit was a song about how hes older than his dad was now and even survived his ex (!). As ever, lots of stuff I knew and lots I didnt.Being a dad, I know I look like shit, Your Mother and I, A song in C, Talking new Bob Dylan, Primrose Hill.. I could listen to him all night. My favourite song of the night that I hadnt heard before was Surfing Queen hilarious! Lucy joined him for a couple of tracks and their voices together really complimented each other.

A flawed hero my favourite kind!

Bob the Chiropodist

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