Metronomy, Ghostpoet & Films – The Duchess, York – 27/4/11


Been a while since I last went to the Duchess and it seems to have developed a whole new seated sofa area where you can watch The bands on a big TV if you so wish – this we did with Ghostpoet after the first number as it wasn’t particularly our thing (apologies to Films – we arrived as you’d just finished).

Metronomy though, are definitely our cup of tea. Touring to promote their new ‘English Riviera’ CD they put on a great performance. I’ve got to know them through Marc Rileys 6 Music show (I think there’s been one or 2 shows in the last 6 months where he hasn’t played them…) and I just assumed they’d be a bit older than they obviously are.

A great brace of songs old and new with big lights on their chests that blinked throughout the show giving an Iron Man like effect. Lots of dancing to the funky tunes (although the bass got a bit too ‘Level 42’ at times). This was the last night of the tour – get your tickets early for the next one! Here’s the video to their wonderful ‘She Wants’ – a better vid you won’t see all year

Bob the Chiropodist

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