Meeting No.15 God Save The Quims – 1977

god save the quims

With Royal celebrations high on the media agenda, QUIMS decided to revisit the one closest to our hearts (yes youve guessed it, were all in our 40s). I thought we’d get a lot of doubles but, as ever, things were not as straight-forward as youd assume. Bob brought along tunes exclusively from 1977, Si did a 50:50 split with Royal inspired tunes, Jez mined various royal event years, John M did a wedding/punk/royal inspired mix, Roger did a cryptic Will and Kate selection (see below) and John F embraced the Anarchic spirit by not keeping to the theme at all, bringing the choices hed made for the previous Unplugged meeting…..the night went thus…

No Future Sex Pistols (Version of God Save the Queen from the bootleg Spunk LP) (Bob)

Learn to Fly Foo Fighters (Roger)

Singing Rule Britannia The Chameleons (John M)

Londons Burning (live) The Clash (Jez)

Will the Night Low (John F)

Royal Singalong Spitting Image (Si)

God Killed the Queen Louis XIV (Si)

X Offender Blondie (Bob)

T-Bone Shuffle Mick Hucknall (Roger)

Punk Club Utah Saints (John M)

Jah War The Ruts (Jez)

Silver Morning Branch Voice of the Seven Woods (John F)

Long Lear Queen Bear Hands (Si)

Do Anything You Wanna Do Eddie and the Hot Rods (Bob)

Memories of Green Vangelis (Roger)

Mondo 77 Looper (John M)

Ghost Town The Specials (Jez)

This Corrosion Lambchop (John F)

Naming the Royal Baby Spitting Image (Si)

The Man Who Would Be King The Libertines (Si)

China Girl Iggy Pop (Bob)

Mi God Mi King Papa Levi (Roger)

V2 Schneider David Bowie (John M)

My First Wedding The Wombats (Jez)

Santa Maria Da Feira Devendra Banhart (John F)

The King Is Half Undressed Jellyfish (Si)

Waiting in Vain Bob Marley (Bob)

King of the Mountain Kate Bush (Roger)

Princess Mint Royale (John M)

Take Down The Union Jack Billy Bragg (Jez)

Music For 18 Musicians Steve Reich (John F)

Uh-Oh Love Comes to Town Talking Heads (Si)

Schaufensterpuppen Kraftwerk (Bob)

I Gotta Feeling Black Eyed Peas (Roger)

March of the Eligible Bachelors – The Monochrome Set(John M)

Mouthful of Shit Chumbawamba (Jez)

Something Big Jim ORourke (John F)

Youre My Queen Mercury Rev (Si)

Rollercoaster By The Sea Jonathan Richman and the Modern Lovers (Bob)

You Masculine You Lambchop (Roger)

Born In The 70s Ed Harcourt (John M)

This is England The Clash (Jez)

Im New Here Gil Scott Heron (John F)

Wake Up And Make Love With Me Ian Dury and the Blockheads (Si)

Rockaway Beach The Ramones (Bob)


So last night’s convoluted ‘right royal family tree’ went as follows:

Learning to fly- Foo Fighters – Kate Middleton’s Mother, Caroline, was an air stewardess and is known by William’s horsey mates as ‘Doors to manual’. I love this track and can’t bare William and his coterie, so some nice symmetry there.
T Bone shuffle -Mick Hucknall – KM’s father is called Michael! I know that I could have gone with REM, but it was worth it just to see your faces when I brought Simply Red’s Charlie ( a link to Will’s vacuous father?) Drake clone love machine to the table.
Memories of Green – Vangelis – Phil, Will’s bigoted Grandfather is Greek, just like Vangelis. He also likes Blade Runner but was disappointed by the first Director’s cut.
Mi God Mi King -Papa Levi – A vague reference to royalty plus the Queen loves a fat doobie stuffed with ganja every now and again.
King of the Mountain – Kate Bush – Obvious really, Kate will be marrying a King and the Bush reference is there just for schoolboy titter factor.
I gotta feeling – Black Eyed Peas – A popular track with Will.I.Am on lead vocals and the last time anything from that beat combo will be heard.

In terms of next subjects, how about ‘Bankers’. I noticed that you all had some fairly robust views on the impact upon social welfare that Insurance and other financial services have and thought that this may give you all some latitude and fun. Happy to host and run through some of the key benefits from our household insurance policy (Did you know that you can Insure your digital as well as physical music collection?).

Go in peace


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