Kid Congo and the Pink Monkey Birds, Rent Boys, Russell and the Wolves – Brudenell Social Club, 12th April 2011

kid congo leeds

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy Kid Congo and the Pink Monkeybirds ROCKED the joint tonight. A tighter, rockier, funnier, acid embracing quartet you wont find.

The evening kicked off with Russell and the Wolves delivering their Cramps-esqe stomp accompanied by lead man (Russell?) jumping off stage to collect members of the audience in a firemans lift fashion, and he only dropped one person on his head “how far can too far go?” The Ivy to his Lux is no longer blonde BTW.

russell and the wolves

Leeds very own Rent Boys readied the stage for their set with underwear and sheets and enough dry ice to sail a ghost Titanic. Much more coherent than the last time I saw them they have guitar licks and a driving beat that should take them places. Finally got to meet their awesome drummer Hughsie who is a thorough gent.

rent boys

Kid Congo Powers has been involved in a lot of the music Ive loved over the years. He plays guitar with the Cramps on my all time favourite live LP Smell of Female and was one of Nick Caves Bad Seeds during his ‘Tender Prey’ to ‘The Good Son’ LPs as well as being an integral part of The Gun Club.

kid congo

They took to the stage smartly suited and booted and from the first instrumental burst were an unstoppable tour de force. Fantastic guitarist, brilliant bass lines, pumping drums and KC makes a perfect frontman funny and a bit quirky with a hint of menace behind the perpetually happy face. “I’m gonna buy me a graveyard of my own, put in it everyone who ever done me wrong”. There’s a sleazy undercurrent that’s alluded to with a wry smile. “Leeds is a sexy city – but we come from LS-DC” – These guys are the real deal go see them!

Bob the chiropodist
kid congo

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