John Grant – Cancelled!

john grant

I bought two tickets for this show because his LP got album of the year 2010 in MOJO magazine. My neighbour John came along……only to find a note on the door of the church to say the gig was cancelled as John was ill and wishing him a speedy recovery. So it was a quick pint then home to practise our chord changes (D to C to G is soooo hard!).

I’ve only ever had 2 shows cancelled on me in the past that I can remember. Adam and the Ants in 1980 (who had a hit single so cancelled the smaller Manchester Poly gig that I had a ticket for and played the Apollo instead – grrrr) and XTC in 1981 who never played live again (thank goodness I’d got to see them the year before). Perhaps with hindsight, the Joy Division show at Derby Hall should have been cancelled…..but selfishly, I’m glad it wasn’t!

Bob the Chiropodist

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