Meeting No. 14 – Unplugged

Quims unplugged Ilkley 27th January 2011

The first meeting of QUIMS in the badlands of Ilkley, in the foreboding shadow of the cow and calf rocks of Ilkley moor. We were joined by Mark ‘from Ilkley’ (John’s friend, although it turned out Jez had met him before as had peeps who attended last years Deer Shed festival) and notable absentees were ‘other John’ due to work commitments and Bob ‘the chiropodist’ due to emergency eye surgery. It was always going be a fairly mellow evening as the theme was ‘unplugged’. There were very different interpretations of what unplugged meant ranging from the traditional MTV-esque unplugged versions of usually plugged bands playing their songs in an unplugged stylee, through to cellists and even Buddhist monks ringing bells and symbols. All very acoustic stuff and a predictably eclectic selection. A very entertaining evening complete with beer, cheese and olives, the obligatory rendition of ‘Song to the siren’, a track from the Amateur Transplants, and thankfully no appearance from mr Bungle.


1 the day we caught the train ocean colour scene (Jez)
2 Nebraska Bruce Springsteen (Roger)
3 until the morning comes tindersticks (John)
4 Polegnala E Pschenitza the Bulgarian State radio and television female choir (Simon)
5 three monks with bowls and symbols Buddhist monks of Maitri Vihar monastery (Simon)
6 creep Radiohead (Jez)
6A please please please let me get what I want Smiths (Mark)
7 fade away Noel Gallagher (Roger)
8 song to the siren czars (John)
9 for the Windows in paradise for the fatherless in Ipsilanti Sufjan Stevens (Simon)
10 Black dog hayseed Dixie (Simon) (again!)
11 map of your head muse (Jez)
12 ooh La la faces (Mark)
13 soul singing black crowes (Roger)
13a here came the breeze Gomez (Roger)
14 all apologies Kathryn Williams (John)
15 the Jigs Lau (Simon)
16 where’s your dirty mind Avi Buffalo (Jez)
17 Penn Station Felice Brothers (Mark)
18 Eat for two 10,000 maniacs
19 musician please take heed God help the girl (John)
20 colder eye the Cave singers (simon)
21 an honest mistake the bravery (Jez)
22 Misss dy-na-mi-tee ukelele Orchestra of Great Britain (Jez)
22 hitting you Loudon Wainwright III (mark)
24 I have nothing Noah and the whale (John)
25 nothing at all the amateur transplants (roger)
25A under the bridge BBTG (Roger)
26 cello Suite number one first prologue bach Yo-Yo Ma (Simon)
27 no one knows Queens of the stone age (Jez)
28 union Street the Duke and the king (mark)
29 Bradford skin storm (John)
30 the Jesus and Mary chain you trip me up (Roger)
31 lou-easy-an-i-a brother Bones (Simon)
32 securicor. Or as the crowd heckler on the feeding of the 5000 shouts (to fade) when they haven’t played it, ‘securicor! … SECURICOR! … SECURI-FUCKIN-CORRR!!!’ – Jeffrey Lewis (Jez)
33 Woody Guthrie pretty boy Floyd (Mark)


jez unplugged

That was Jez’s CD and this was mine…..



Bob the Chiropodist

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