Wilko Johnson, Mark Radcliffe & the Big Figures – The Picturedrome, Holmfirth 13/11/10


Lee and I have birthdays 2 days apart (24 + 26th November) and as our good friend Mikey McD turned 50 this November, we decided to get together with him and the lovely Jez for a night – when we saw Wilko Johnson was playing on a Saturday night in Holmfirth it sounded like a plan. Si + Kyla, Terry and Duggie (flying in from France) came along for the ride and we stayed at the Bridge Hotel, literally ten yards from the entrance of the Picturedrome a great venue!

So after a few beers in a couple of pubs and a lovely curry just up the road we got in as Mark Radcliffe and the Big Figures took to the stage. I last saw him live on his 50th birthday at Glastonbury when his band The Family Mahone played a fine brace of drinking songs. That gig gets a mention in the last chapter of his book Thank you for the days. The chapter’s called “The day I turned 50” and was part of McDs pressie from us.

mark radcliffe

Mr Radcliffe was in top entertainer mode with hilarious banter between songs. The band do Dr Feelgood songs which must be a bit daunting when youre supporting the man whote wrote them! Certain covers were shouted for “We can’t do that one as it may be coming up later” and when another one was asked for “I’d like to refer the member for Holmfirth to my previous answer”…. and of his singing talent……I still think hes a great drummer. 


Wilko by comparison had no banter between songs which is a real shame, as anyone who’s seen Oil City Confidential (and if you haven’t WHY NOT?!) will contest to, Wilko can certainly talk! Bass wizard Norman Watt Roy was sweating like you wouldn’t believe. It was only at the end of the set that Wilko announced Norm was ill and they may not be able to do an encore…..they did though, and ‘Back in the night’ was a fitting end.


Back at the hotel we chewed the fat, laughing and drinking til gone 2am. We all agreed We should do this again”

– Bob the Chiropodist



McD got a new camera for his Bday and heres some of his snaps.


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