Easy Star All-Stars & Cas Haley – Leeds Uni 27/10/10

easy all stars

As I entered the Stylus Bar, Cas Haley was singing a Police song, solo with his guitar. He looks like he belongs in Bowling for Soup but has a sweet sweet voice. Hes then joined by various members of The Easy Star All-Stars (including the Sax player who has an uncanny resemblance to Big Brothers Preston). A great set which finished with a version of Peter Toshs Legalise it.

cas haley

2 years ago I saw the Easy Star All-Stars and they were amazingly good. If you dont have their Dub side of the moon Id urge you to get it. The Floyd classic reimaging as a dub reggae album pure class! The woman who sang great gig in the sky note perfect was AMAZING and sadly not in residence tonight.

Then came Radiodread Reggae versions of Radiohead songs. Good, but not in the same league. Then at last years Glasto they did a whole set comprising of Sgt Peppers lonely hearts dub band.I wasnt that impressed.

easy all stars

Tonight.well.there were flashes of genius but I was, Im sad to say a bit disappointed. The new original stuff I liked. The bits of dub side of the moon still sparkle live – but the Sgt Pepper stuff was just..awful. I quite liked Shes leaving home but thats only cos that song has vivid memories for me. I remember hearing it as a kid and asking my mum (who married a man from the motor trade by the way) how can someone be living alone when they live at home? She just looked at me, gave me a half smile and said Youll understand one day.

The other highlight was when Cas joined them for one song. My tip ask him to join the band and drop the Sgt Pepper stuff.

Bob the chiropodist

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