Buzzcocks & The Blackout – Bingley Music Live 3/9/10


The last of this years open air festivals was Bingley Music Live. We went down after work for the free Friday night and just missed Dreadzone (I still love their ‘Second Light’ LP). The Blackout came on looking like nice frat boys then launched into a tirade of grunge type metal. “We’re from Merthyr Tydfil and we all want to have a good time. This one’s about Vampires”

the blackout

They won us over with a cover of the Beastie Boys ‘Fight for your rights’ and with the unusual microphone swinging talents of the 2 lead singers – they must have practiced that for hours!

The last time I went to see the Buzzcocks was for my stag do and mighty fine they were then…..and no different tonight. People go on about how bands shouldn’t reform – these guys did – about 25 years ago! Can you name a band with a better set of singles than these guys. Boredom, Ever fallen in love, orgasm addict, love you more, promises, whatever happened to?, you say you don’t love me, autonomy……..etc…etc…

We stayed near the mixing desk until all our beer was gone and then couldn’t resist getting in the moshpit for a good jump around. A very friendly crowd – happy to pull you up when you went down(Thank God!).  Steve Diggles windmills getting wilder and wilder, happy faces and sore throats all round. We even got some fireworks at the end!

On the way home we started a punk karaoke which most of the train seemed to enjoy and join in with….except, to our suprise, the mohican supporting UK Subs fan……even after a few verses of ‘Stanglehold’. There followed some Ramones, Undertones and Talking Heads songs, but as we entered Leeds station, the one that got everyone singing was a rousing chorus of ‘Bohemian Rhrapsady’.

A great night!

Bob the Chiropodist


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