LCD Soundsystem + Yacht – Leeds Academy: 27/4/10


I was introduced to LCD Soundsystem by Jez at a QUIMS meeting. They’ve obviously got a sense of humour and don’t take themselves too seriously (“and for those of you who still think were from England…..were” – from We are north American scum”). So Jez John F and myself met in the Victoria and commercial for a couple of decent pints before going to the Academy to see them.

First up were Yachts who I’d previously heard on Marc Riley. They were smartly dressed and served up some 80’s style camp indie-disco. We reconned they were brother and sister. The lead singer looked like Gareth Southgate doing a David Byrne impression. 10/10 for enthusiasm.


I was pleasantly surprised by the number of people at the gig – I didn’t realise LCD Soundsystem were so big. James Murphy isn’t a likely pop star- slightly portly with a baggy white T-shirt on – but he and his 6 band mates certainly know how to get a crowd going – they should be a mega-band but get the feeling they’re happy staying under the radar.


They impressed from the off, with driving beats, synths and bass line – “It’s like watching Cabaret Voltaire in the 80s” said Jez. Everyone on stage took a turn at everything with some songs having 3 on drums and others 2 bass guitars. During the heavy hard hitting bits of some songs, they gathered around the drummer, as if egging each other on. They reminded me of all the best bits of so many other bands I love: ‘The Fall’ (with Murphy messing around with everyones amps and using the microphone like a walkie-talkie) ‘Talking Heads’ (for the quirky beats and lyrics) ‘New Order’ (for the peerless synth pop and cow-bells).


Someone Great and Losing my Edge were my favourites – the former for its synth pulse and heart breaking lyrics and the latter because its hilarious. Absolutely Loved them! Go and see them if you can – you won’t regret it.


Bob the Chiropodist

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