Gorillaz – The Engine Shed, Lincoln: 27/03/10


I heard on 6Music that Gorillaz were going to tour and that Mick Jones and Paul Simonon were rumoured to be playing live with them. I got very excited at seeing Simonon playing with another of Damon Albarns projects a few years ago The Good The Bad And The Queen, as it meant Id seen 2/3 of the Clash in different bands over the years. The prospect of seeing half of the Clash together got me looking to see if they were playing in Leeds. They werent, but they were playing Lincoln where my cousin Si lives. He fancied going and, remarkably got tickets just a couple of weeks before the gig (mind you, he had to join the fan club to get the tickets). The gigs were billed as rehearsals.

I listened to the new Plastic Beach LP and really liked it. My only complaint was that Mark E Smith wasnt used enough on his track (but the Which ways North from eyoh? line is priceless). I found this clip on you tube a couple of days before the gig and started getting really excited!

Lincolns a nice place to have a drink. We met up for a few beers with Stuart and Joe and headed to the Engine Shed. Si had bought 6 tickets but 2 friends had dropped out. We couldnt off-load them as you had to show ID to prove youd bought the tickets. The nice lady on the door told us that a guy at the bar was wanting one so we got Acer in with us.

Inside there must have only been about 200 300 people, I couldnt believe it! We got really near the front and were well up for a dance. Unfortunately, not many others were. Are we allowed to dance? I shouted out at one point Yes youre allowed to dance says Damon Come on the Lincoln! Lets see you Dancing!! A few of the crowd came to have a dance near us after that.


To keep with the nautical theme Mick and Paul had sailor hats and the band were decked out in Hooped sailor shirts. They were all obviously enjoying themselves as much as we were. 2 drum kits is always a good thing in my book – Glitter Band, The Fall, Adam + The Ants, Wedding Present, Beach Buggy…..a winner everytime!


Damon told us he was from near Lincoln That explains a lot! and that they were preparing for some big American shows and then some big UK dates. I dont see how you can beat the intimacy of these types of gigs though. He could just have played stadiums I really admire him for that. He makes every song believable. Seemingly throw away tunes from the CD take on an emotional charge as he sings them, gazing into the lights above your head mesmerising.


It would have been ace to hear Armagideon Time or Bankrobber but the final song Clint Eastwood revealed itself to be a 70s reggae classic in disguise, with throbbing bass and floating melodica.

I left the venue a very happy man sunshine in a bag

The Dude put a compilation of the clips I took together – good work!

Bob the Chiropodist


Damon’s Mark E Smith impersonation during Glitter freeze…..

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