Vivian Girls, Blood Oranges, Get Serious, Medusa Snare: BSC – 22/01/10

vivian girls

A cram packed evening at the Brudenell saw 3 bands supporting New Yorks Vivian Girls
First up were Medusa Snare who started a bit slow but then (fittingly as there was a New York theme and they had a girl drummer) eased into Velvets territory.
get serious

Manchesters Get Serious breezed in from the 80’s with their own brand of shouty girl pop – loved the guitar work.
blood oranges

Blood Oranges, whilst new on the scene sounded the most accomplished of the supports – one to watch
vivian girls

The Vivian Girls need a little getting used to. their first LP didn’t really do it for me on initial listening, but it’s a grower – as is their new one.
vivian girls

The tight harmonies can get lost in the thrash of their guitar sound which is why it was so nice that they did an acapella song (shangri-las style) to show this aspect of their sound off
vivian girls

Bob the Chiropodist

Thanks to Tony for the photos

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