Meeting No. 11 – Food + Drink

Turning 45 is a significant day for a vinyl addict like myself, so with the misses away (in Cape Town for a family wedding) I used this auspicious day to get the guys round for a meeting with Food + Drink the remit. A veritable smorgasbord of musical delights was served up, piping hot with plenty of booze to wash it down. Roger couldn’t make it but QUIMS newcomer Mike did a great job with only two days notice. Mikes son goes to the same primary school as my 2 youngest and earlier in the day they came home singing “Agadoo”. Turns out that Black Lace had visited the school to promote their new single (!). It’s okay its for charity (As Alexis Sayle once said “You can do anything for charity! If Hitler had invaded Poland for spina bifida, no one would have mindedĀ”). I felt obliged to teach them The Chicken Song before they went to bed to give some political balance… After that, I was in the mood for some good tunes and by the end of the evening, was Brimful of Asha!
Our opening gambits were:

Sugar Town
Nancy Sinatra (Bob)
Sugarcube Yo La Tengo (John F)
Burritos Sublime (Jez)
Cup of Tea Shack (John M)
Breakfast in NYC Oppenheimer (Si)
Jailer Bring Me Water Gregory Isaacs (Mike)

Inspired by Black Lace we had a Novelty round:

Rice + Curry Dr Bombay (Bob)
Verruca Salt Danny Elfman (John F)
Kelloggs Theme The Monkees (Jez)
Cheeseburger In Paradise Jimmy Buffett (Jez)
Fill Up Mi Portion Toddla T (John M)
Homers Beer Song The Simpsons (Si)
Turn My Bitter Into Sweet Mary Love (Mike)

A Veggie round:

Big Eyed Beans From Venus Captain Beefheart And His Magic Band (Bob)

The Cabbage Teenage Fanclub (John F)
(Do The) Instant Mash Joe Jackson (Jez)
Vegetable Radiohead (John M)
Asparagus Next Left Half Man Half Biscuit (Si)
Under The Bridge The Red Hot Chilli Peppers (Mike)

Then round of drinks:

I Aint Drunk Jimmy Liggins (Bob)
Coffee In The Pot Supergrass (John F)
Tequila The Joe Loss Orchestra (Jez)
Champagne Supernova Mike Pond PA (John M)
All The Wine The National (Si)
Lil Ole Wine Drinker Me The King (Mike)

For those with a sweet tooth:

Knickerbockerglory Fujiya + Miyagi (Bob)
Caramel Blur (John F)
Candy Girl Babybird (Jez)
Some Candy Talking Richard Hawley (John M)
Ice Cream Man Tom Waits (Si)
Big Rock Candy Mountains Harry McClintock (Mike)

Then we just freestyled it:

Uncle Eef Rudi Protrudi (Bob)
Strawberries Asabi Seksu (John F)
Too Many Dirty Dishes Albert Collins (Jez)
Just Like Honey The Jesus And Mary Chain (John M)
Cheese And Crackers Rosco Gordon (Si)
Lost In The Supermarket The Clash (Mike)
Candyiosis Pop Will Eat Itself (Bob)
My Little Stick Of Blackpool Rock George Formby (Bob)
Heavy Soup Cornershop (John F)
Fit You Haffe Fit Black Uhuru (Jez)
Lends Some Dough Shack (John M)
Spam Song Monty Python (Si)
Polk Salad Annie Tony Joe White (Mike)
Rip It Up Orange Juice (Bob)
Rabbit Arnold (John F)
Scooby Snacks Fun Lovin Criminals (Jez)
Orange Crush REM (John M)
Chicken Yiamas Von Sudenfed (Si)
Cigarettes And Coffee Otis Redding (Mike)
Cinnamon Girl Neil Young (Bob)
Popcorn Hot Butter (John F)
Popcorn The Treble Spankers (Bob)
Butcher Killing Joke (Jez)
Pork Chops Vincent Price (Bob)
Glutton Of Sympathy Jellyfish (From Split Milk) (Jez)
Good To Be On The Road Back Home Again Cornershop (Mike)

And to finish..

5 Levels Of Drinking Larry Millar (Bob)

Great night!
Bob the Chiropodist

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