The Fall, The Nightingales, Evil Regent – Leeds Academy: 2nd October 2009

The Fall Leeds academy October 2009
The Academy was far from full for this years Fall gig but those in attendance would testify that Mark E Smith and his gang know how to put on a show.

evil regent leeds

First up were evil regent whove recently changed their name (it worked for the Kaisers) and could be on the road to fame with anthemic pop tunes delivered with Gusto another new Oasis perhaps?

nightingales leeds academy

Next on were The Nightingales who plough the field first planted by Beefheart and formally tilled by The Gang of Four and Stump. I wonder how popular they were in their hayday and what prompted them to start over again? I have their 1986 In the good old country way LP which got a dusting off today & has some great guitar licks on it. Roberts Lloyd vocals seemed a bit too quirky for quirkys sake for me and with his penchant for waving his arse at the audience, I doubt Ill be rushing out to see them again.
The Fall Leeds academy October 2009
When The Fall took to the stage I was delighted to see the same band as last time (and the time before possibly a record!). Our pigeon chested hero gets a little more eccentric with time, as Digger put it Going to Fall gigs over the years is like watching someone slowly disintergrate.

The Fall Leeds academy October 2009

Loads of new stuff and a few old gems thrown in my favourite being Pat Trip Dispenser when they were joined by the Nightingales drummer. I loved it when the Fall had 2 drummers, and when the Weddoes did, and Adam and the ants, and Beachbuggy, and the Glitter band you cant go wrong with 2 drummers can you.

The Fall Leeds academy October 2009

On their 4th encore (yes, thats right.4th) they started playing white lightening but the management turned all their gear off. MES tried shouting for a while with just the drums but then gave up. I managed to get a bit of it on film. Cant wait for next years.

Thanks to John for the freebie and Tony for the snaps

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