Woodpigeon + Wilful Missing: 4th Aug 2009 – BSC, Leeds

Woodpigeon leeds

Tim got in touch to say he was off to the Brudenell to see Woodpigeon and Wilful Missing “Wilful missing are true class from Bradford if that’s not an oxymoron”. Running close second in my top ten Bands from Bradford (what’s number one I hear you ask) Wilful missing are a great blend of musicians who don’t take themselves too seriously. I love drummers who do things a bit differently and theirs certainly did. Would like to have heard more from the cello and squeezebox and less penny whistle though.

wilful missing leeds

Woodpigeon are Canadians but unfortunately haven’t made it onto my top ten Canadian bands list. Very affable and laid back but I was in the mood to ‘rip it up’ and these guys weren’t really rip it up types.

Woodpigeon leeds
They finished with an ABBA cover which prompted a conversation along the lines of Mark: ‘Abba’s lyrics are so cruel and sad’ Me: ‘What about Super Trooper’ Mark: ‘It’s about the loneliness of being on the road’ Me: ‘The day before you came’ Mark: ‘That’s about suicide’ Me: ‘Kisses of fire’ Mark: ‘Well if you’re gonna go obscure on me’ Me: ‘I prefer my abba covers by electronic duos – keeps the irony that they get away with by having foreign accents….etc….etc…etc……….

Bob the Chiropodist

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