Spirit Of The Land – Circular Quay, Sydney: 8th March 2009

Spirit of the land

Bit of a cheat this month – Spent a wonderful month with the family in New Zealand (and Australia for a few days). Had a fantastic time at Nadine and Declans wedding in Wellington, toured the south bit of NZ (South Island) in a campervan…..saw seals on the road, Penguins on the beach, Albatrosses in the air even a Tuatara in the bush. Sailed on Doubtful Sound and went canyoning (abseiling & an 8m jump) – you must come round sometime and let me show you my photos………but no gigs.

Came home via Sydney (thanks to Rob and Ros) and did get to see the didjiridu player from Spirit of the Land playing at Circular Quay. He kindly signed a copy of their CD ($10 – a bargain). If you like Trance, I can highly recommend it. Circular breathing…..How do they do that!?

Spirit of the land

Bob the Chiropodist


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