Baskery, Anna Elias & the Forlorn Hope Brudenell social Club, Leeds: 27th January 2009

Looking back at 2008, Id managed to go to a gig a month.except for July. My new years resolution was therefore to go to at least one gig a month this year. So when Tony says do you fancy going to see Baskery this week-end? I think who are they? 3 Swedish sisters who sing bluegrass..sounds interesting..and Anna Elias is supporting Who? They used to be Bodixa Now I really liked them when we saw them back in 2004 supporting Roddy Frame (I never knew that Going down the dip was about him going to his local pub The Diplomat before that) and Lee was moved to buy their Pray for rain EP.

So it was off to The Brudenell for another top night. Anna Elias & the Forlorn Hopes were achingly beautiful with gorgeous vocals, intricate acoustic guitars backed by a cello. I found myself quite mesmerised, reminding me of the Crying theatre scene from Mulholland Drive Powerful stuff.

anna elias

Baskery are an odd combination which shouldnt work but ultimately does. 3 sisters from Sweden, one slapping a double bass, one singing and playing guitar and one playing Banjo (often sounding as raucous as Bob Log III) whilst she sings and plays the drums with her feet (and mouthorgan on one tune).. These good time gals could give the Dixie chicks a run for their money go catch em!


Bob the Chiropodist

PS After posting this review, Harvey (Mr Anna Elias – on left of photo) sent an email….

Just a quick note to say thanks v. much for the review of Anna at the baskery gig the other night. It was good to be back in Leeds and to play at the Brudenell. Great venue – has a feel of history in the way the Duchess used to…..and I’m loving your site – have spent far too long this afternoon reading the reviews & blogs when I should have been working
Top job!

What a nice man! Go and buy his CDs

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