The Stranglers: Leeds Academy – 4th November 2008


I first got to see my heroes The Stranglers in 1979 – a present for my 15th birthday and faithfully went to see them on every tour until the ’10’ LP by which time I’d lost the faith……& so had Hugh Cornwell who left shortly after. I saw them when I first moved to Leeds with the new line up but didn’t like the new lead singer and so my interest whithered


In 2006 they were playing at Leeds Met on a Thursday night – I’d been at a meeting at the LGI just around the corner and really fancied going. They’d done 2 decent LP’s on the trot (Norfolk Coast and Suite 16) and more importantly, were back to a four piece. I dragged along our Digger and Bri and we had a great night.

Last year I went across to Manchester to see the 30th Anniversary of Rattus Norvegicus concert with Terry and Dewey. Jet Black was about to retire and they did the same set they did 30 years before and were superb, finishing with a few newer numbers
Our friend Guy got in contact on Facebook to say his friend was now tour manager for the Stranglers and he’d been to see them in London….don’t suppose he could get me and Lee on the guest list I ask????

So, after going to see them for 29 years and spending who knows how much on records over the years – I finally get in to a Stranglers gig on the guest list – that’s sort of ‘Made-it’ I guess.

The lights go down, ‘Waltzinblack’ starts and the guys amble onto stage…..and Jet hasn’t retired just yet.


Again an excellent evening with them mining their hits – keeping the crowd happy….My favourite of the evening was ‘The Raven’ – great bass work! My only criticism, all the chat was left to new boy Baz – who’s a top bloke it has to be said but it wouldn’t hurt to have JJ talk now and again…..he can talk…
If they come again next year……could make it my 30th anniversary….

Bob the Chiropodist

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