Bob Log III, Petebox: Brudenell Social Club – 5th October 2008

bob log 111

When he ambled on stage and said “My name is Pete and I’m a human Beatbox so my name is ‘Petebox’” expectations were not high. After demonstrating the high hat, bass and various other drum machines, he launched into a quite extraordinary routine that left you thinking he must be cheating! but he wasn’t. His rendition of 7 Nation Army was very clever and spot on. He then introduced his time delay pedal “Cheat!” we shouted “Oh but I want to do tunes” he explained “and otherwise I’m just a novelty act” so we let him off. Again, the most extraordinary noise was generated by layering sound on sound – His Yiddish hymn that ended up with a jungle beat was awesome. A novelty maybe, but one that should be on everyones Christmas list.


Bob Log III was hanging around before the gig without his helmet on by a wee stall selling his CDs “Which one should I buy Bob?” “Well, the first ones pretty fucked up and the 2nd one is really loud and this ones got a couple of new tracks and a recording from a gig on it “Ill have the fucked up one please!”.

bob log 111

It’s hard to describe his act but he’s sort of like Seasick Steve, only a snappier dresser – with a space helmet on. The black tie get up soon came off to reveal a tight black suit with LOG written in sequins on the back of his shirt. He’s funny and makes a wonderful racket on the guitar with both hands doing the work of two men. After encouraging the audience to buy him drinks, he then accused us of trying to get him drunk.

On I want your shit on my leg he usually gets two women up from the audience to sit on his knees whilst he bobs them up and down playing the drums and cymbals with his feet. The BSC was unfortunately lacking women with the moral fibre so a couple of guys got up “I don’t smell no perfume” he shouted as they approached and after expressing his initial disappointment he let them get on board as long as we didnt tell anyone (sorry Bob).

bob log 111

His leadless guitar allowed him to walk through the audience at the end and keep right on playing till he was in the dressing room What a night!

bob log 111

Thanks to Tony for the Photos and John for the Freebie


Bob the Chiropodist

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  1. Theresa says:

    This guy rocked Port Macqurrie NSW Australia 29.03.2014 thanks beautiful Bob

  2. Theresa KIrkwood says:

    Bob rocked Port Macqurrie 29.03.2014.

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