Space Ritual – Irish Centre, Leeds: 25th Sept 2008

space ritual

I was 8 in the summer of 1972 and I vividly remember being an a café at a seaside town (probably Blackpool or St Annes) with my family when a song came on the radio: Whats he singing? comments my mum who worked in the rag trade .Ive got a sewing machine? my first exposure to Hawkwind.

My mate Mike wishes he could go back in time to see the Space Ritual tour I got into them 18 months after theyd toured it.if only. It was at his house on one of those many happy evenings that I was introduced to the Space Ritual LP in all its fold out psychedelic glory. Orgone Accumulator (track one side 2) is still the quintessential hard rock song for me how could you not like it?

So when the chance came to see the band Space Ritual (essentially Hawkwind circa 1970 without Dave Brock) I wasnt going to say no. The band used to be called Ex-Hawkwind but a lawsuit put paid to that.

space ritual

Nik Turner looking his age but still looks like a cheeky buggar and was sprightly enough to have a dance with Angel – their expressive dancer. Mick Slattery looks like a sixty year old Harry Potter and Terry Ollis some stoneage throwbackbut what a glorious sound they make especially when they did (Mikes favourite) Assult and Battery..the visuals were good too! The band obviously enjoyed themselves as much as the audience did and long after the gig had finished, they were still chatting to the faithful. Great night!

space ritual

Thanks For the photos Tony + for the Freebee John
Excellent BBC4 documentary on Hawkwind

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