Wire, Lonelady The Cockpit, Leeds: 10th September 2008

As an serious indie-kid, I always felt that I should know more by Wire – but you know how it is, if you’re not in at the start and theres a huge back catalogue (some of which youve heard and sounds impenetrable) you just shrug your shoulders and think “23 years too late”. I had ‘Outdoor Miner’ and ‘Dot Dash’ on various compilations, got the 12″ single of ‘Eardrum Buzz’ and a CD of ‘Manscape’ in a bargain bin in the early 90s but that was all until I recently got a copy of ‘On Returning’ a compilation from 77-79 and what a revelation that was! Please investigate their back catalogue – it’s ACE!

The gig started with support from Lonelady, a 3 piece reminiscent of Low with their quiet space filled bits followed by ramshackled noisy bits. I admire anyone who dares to go on stage with 3″ stiletto heels, although I was (professionally speaking) glad to see she was wearing more sensible footwear after the gig


Wire came on with Bassist Graham Lewis saying “What is it? 30 years?” and preceeded to play a hard hitting but melodic wall of sound that was a joy to behold. You could tell theyve been doing it a while cos drummer Robert Grey did the whole gig with his eyes shut! The new tracks from the LP ‘Object 47’ rocked the place.


The only slight hiccough was later on in the set when Lewis and Grey started one song and Colin Newman started another and it was stopped after 20 seconds. “Fuck me..” shouted one wag near me “..thats even short for you guys!”. Newman has a black macbook on stage with him, dont know why but I like it!


Would I see them again? Damn right I would. They even promised to do Outdoor miner one day “But not tonight” and to be honest, it wasnt needed. Here’s what they did do…..both encores included
wire set list

Bob the Chiropodist

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