Clinic + Two Minute Noodles: Brudenell Social Club, Leeds – 11th April 2008

clinic leeds
A while back I posed the question Where are you Tim? well I now know.outside the Royal Park Pub. At least thats where I bumped into him as we were both off to see the wonderful Clinic at the equally wonderful Brudenell Social Club. The last time I bumped into him at a gig was in the 90s at a R.L. Burnside gig at the Duchess Its bad yknow!

The first thing that greeted us as we entered was the site of two Manga-looking gothlitas complete with 3 inch platforms and obligatory surgical masks who walked around in synchronised movements all night. Fab!
1st support act was Two Minute Noodles which consisted of a drummer and a Hammond organ and what a glorious noise they made. The drummer rivalled Animal from the muppets in his energy and gurning ability. I knew Id never remember their name so asked for a pen and paper which Tim provided Hope you dont mind there being an equation on it. Someone asked me this question on fluid dynamics that I didnt know so I had to work it out

Next up were a band called something threat.again a notable drummer as he managed to play keyboards at the same time as drumming.nice to see a violin on stage (Whats the difference between a violin and a viola? A violin burns quicker) and they certainly had something going for them although there was a bit too much noodling between the good bits for my liking.

Clinic took the stage resplendent in their Hawaiian shirts and surgical masks and did 2 sets their new LP Do It was set one and a bunch of old tunes entitled Archive was set two.

I first heard IPC subeditors dictate our youth on Peel in the late 90s and you cant go wrong with a title like that! I saw them a couple years later at one of the Leeds festivals when I seem to remember them all having full surgical gowns on. Well, Im happy to report that a decade on from their inception, they havent lost any of their drive and an incessant set of catchy 60s garage tunes had us all bouncing with approval. The Witch stood out from the first set with my personal faves Monkey on my back and The second line topping the archive set. All music should be like this.

All the best people use macs

Thanks to Tony for the photos and Johnny for the freebie.
Bob the Chiropodist

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