Sex Patels + Captain Hotknives – The New Roscoe 30th Jan 2008

sex Patels
Having Kids means never getting to a gig early. As Sledge and I entered the New Roscoe, a familiar song was being played that I couldnt quite place and then realised it was Joy Divisions Atmosphere sung in a beautiful soprano with only a sitar for accompaniment. Welcome to the wonderful world of the Sex Patels. Tony informs us that weve missed the Northern twang version of Once in a Lifetime my fave from their my space page They did 2 sets, interspersed with a mad set from Captain HotKnives – a man who hates slugs and whos tale of murdering his psychiatrist and stealing his car to get out of Bradford is far too believable The guy selling Sex Patels CDs said they have a support slot with the Blockheads in the offing, so a version of Hit me with your rhythm stick was bound to happen! There was a free samosa with each CD too what a bargain and what a great night.
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