Meeting No. 6 – 2007 Faves

To brighten those dark January nights, a QUIMS evening was convened at Dr Ps with the subject being your favourite tunes of 2007. Can we have stuff we first heard in 2007? put the cat amongst the pigeons and led to The Whos Baba ORilly making a surprised entrance (Roger bought it this year for £3.00 in Tescos) and a 70’s track by Gregory Isaacs (re-issued this year). After take away curry, there was a bracing start from Nick Cave (and the Grinderman boys) lamenting his inability to get a shag – topped later by Tits of death what a name for a band! My fave of the night was Daft Punks Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger especially after seeing this you tube video pure genius. John and I both brought along Siouxsies Love and Alchemy to play which has a wonderful gothic northern soul quality, and all the others brought along different Kings of Leon tracks.but none got played..Bob the Chiropodist

Quims 2007 Pick of the Year

1. Grinderman No Pussy Blues John

2. Editors Smokers Outside the Hospital Doors John

3. Neil Young Dirty Old Man Roger

4. The Delays Valentine Roger

5. Jeffrey Lewis Punk Is Dead Jez

6. Wombats Lets Dance To Joy Division Jez

7. Tits Of Death Diva Breakdown Simon

8. The Noisettes Dont Give Up Simon

9. Nick Lowe Lately Ive Let Things Slide Bob

10. Nick Lowe I Trained Her To Love Me Bob

11. Maps Elouise John

12. Shack Cup of Tea John

13. Radiohead House Of Cards Roger

14. Roisin Murphy Overpowered Roger

15. LCD Soundsystem North American Scum Jez

16. Daft Punk Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger Jez

17. Metric Monster Hospital Simon

18. Dartz! Network! Network! Network! Simon

19. Von Sudenfed Rhinohead Bob

20. Gregory Isaacs Warriors Bob

21. The National Fake Empire John

22. Killers Shadowplay John

23. The Who Baba ORiley Roger

24. New Order Everythings Gone Green (remix) Roger

25. Chumbawumba On eBay Jez

26. Take That Shine Jez

27. The Lodger Many Thanks For Your Honest Opinion Simon

28. The Maccabees Lego Simon

29. The Arcade Fire Keep The Car Running Bob

30. Fujiya and Miyagi Ankle Injuries Bob

31. Siouxsie Heaven and Alchemy John

32. Band of Horses Weed Party John

There was (predictably) nearly a riot in our house whe the troops found out that there was no Kaisers played so…… Bobs Family album of the year was the Kaiser Chiefs ‘Yours Truly, Angry Mob’ which has had a permanent residency in the car stereo for all of 2007. Sally (2 and a half years old) shouts for “Rubbie Rubbie” any time we set off anywhere. Matty (4 and a half) loves the chanting in ‘Angry Mob’ but we have to fast forward it to 2mins 55secs cos he always shouts “This isn’t it” until the chanting kicks in, Lee (40) shouts along to ‘Heat Dies Down’ and Marisa (10) likes all of them – Me (43) I’m with Marisa. Saw them twice this year, Glastonbury and M.E.N. – excellent both times. Roll on Elland Road! Was just playing ‘Try your best’ in the car on the way back from the park in Otley and Sally says “This one is called ‘Monkey Jaw'” (!) – Great name for a band!

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