Glastonbury 2000 – Yo La Tengo

This year was crazily over-crowded! Many thousands jumped the fence, many more than ever before and walking around the site was quite scary – you just had to go with the flow of people couldn’t cut across, just swept along.

The medical tents were rammed with people who’d sprained their ankles jumping over the fence – “where’s your wristband?” “Oh, Ive lost it” Hmmmmmm….. some injuries were much worse than sprained ankles one poor buggar did their back in.

Because of the bastards jumping the wall (no other word for them) crime was well up. The medical and welfare tents were full of stories of decent honest ticket buying folk, losing everything. Those who’d jumped the fence without any camping gear just stole it – whole tents…..including the contents.

Ambers dad was one of the policemen on site and told a great story of some dishevelled bloke coming to the police compound “I’ve been robbed by those Yorkshire bastards” “Hey?” “Happens to me everytime I come to Leeds!” “Do you know where you are?” “Yeah, Elland Road!” It’s funny how with head injuries, your mind fills in the gaps with something familiar.

We again had backstage access with our medical passes and in the backstage area I spotted Damon Gough, aka Badly Drawn Boy having a chat with his mate. I’d been going out with a girl (Jo) who’s brother (Anthony) played with Manchester band ‘Alfie’ who were on his Twisted Nerve label. I’d seen him play with a full band (looked totally unrehearsed) at the Other stage and he was really funny (he stopped the first song to take a call from his mum – very Frank Sidebottom-est). I introduced myself and said I knew Anthony “Are you the one who’s done Ivor Cutlers feet?” asked Damons mate (likul) Lee – “That’s me”.

Bowie Glasto did a great show, Suzanne Vega was wonderfully understated, The Chemical Brothers were a joy, Hank Williams III rocked the house – but my musical highlight was seeing John Martyn up close in the Avalon tent on the Saturday night. The atmosphere was electric and the stuff of his new LP (Glasgow Walker) sublime. ‘So Sweet’ and ‘Feels so good’ stood out so much that before getting home on the Monday, I’d bought the CD. (John Martyn from earlier that month)

What was your favourite LP of 2000? Mine was Yo La Tengo’s ‘and then nothing turned itself inside out’ so I was chuft to see they were playing. A raucous mix of wild feed-back frenzied tunes and the quietest gentlest moments from the LP ensued whilst the threesome swapped drumming/singing/bass and guitar duties. One track on the LP is a version of the George McCrae song ‘You can have it all’ to which they did this wonderful dance routine ..

Bob the Chiropodist

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