The Falls 30th Anniversary Gig

2006 saw the 30th anniversary gig of The Fall in Manchester..I say their but we all know its Mark E Smith and which ever mercenaries are willing to sacrifice their rights to guitar solos and individual flare (apart from the odd beard) in order to deliver his Neolithic soundscapes. The latest incarnation of the Mighty Fall were picked up in Austin when his band walked out on him.

The Century Hall in Manchester was packed with an appreciative crowd of everyone from sprightly new indie kids to the battle worn warrior horses (even a old guy on crutches at the back!).

After a rejuvenated John Cooper Clarke gave us Beasley Boulevard and an excruciating video jockey tortured us with his ability to make a techno noised out of any old bit of VHS on came the Fall (circa June 2006). There arent many 50 year olds Id go out of my way to see but this was something else. As my cousin dig commented: He sings so much better since he lost all his teeth!. The energy, the bloodymindedness.did Mark E Smith make any concessions or any mention that this was a special evening? Did he eck, and lets face it, it wouldve been a let down if he did! Cant wait to see them again.

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